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Frequently Asked Questions

How much rain can Forever Gutter Cover handle?

Up to 8" per hour.


Do I need to replace my existing gutters to install Forever Gutter Cover?

No. The Forever Gutter Cover system was designed to install over existing gutters which is obviously more cost effective for you the home owner.

How does it work?

Forever Gutter Cover uses the science of Liquid Adhesion. If you take a glass of water and slowly turn it over, the water is going to adhere to the outside of that glass. Forever Gutter Cover follows that same principle.

What if a tree limb falls onto my roof?

The Forever Gutter Cover product is manufactured in 5’ sections. If one or two pieces are damaged, you can replace those pieces unlike other 1 piece and 2 piece systems, you would have replaced the complete section.


How thick is Forver Gutter Cover™ aluminum?

Forever Gutter Cover uses and .027 gauge aluminum.


How far apart do you put the screws?

Forever Gutter Cover recommends that screws are placed every 12 inches. This prevents the material from bowing when the temperature changes.


What about snow and ice?

Forever Gutter Cover patented bracket can handle up to 300 lbs of direct pressure before it collapses. With the patented Forever Gutter Cover bracket system, the system is much stronger than conventional gutters.


Can Birds and other small animals get into my gutters?

No, there are customized end caps that are put on the ends of the Forever Gutter Cover product to prevent this from happening.


What if my roof is not a conventional shingle?

Forever Gutter Cover can be customized to fit any home. Our in home technician will advise you on the best installation procedure for your home.


How many colors are there?

There are 12 colors to choose from and they all carry a 20 year warranty on the finish.


Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, a lifetime no-clog guarantee.

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